Exhibition of Tatiana Frolova (Kirov)

Tatyana Frolova, watercolorist.


Tatyana Frolova, watercolorist.

Born in Kirov (Vyatka), she spent her childhood and youth in a small village in Kirov region.

Observations of the change of seasons, blooming and fading, rare plants with a notebook in hand and searching for them in an old book of medicinal herbs with botanical illustrations were the favorite hobbies of her childhood.

Close contact and unity with wild nature, passion for nature sketches and natural observation influenced the choice of themes for creativity.

She studied the basics of drawing, painting and composition at the Vyatka Humanitarian Art Lyceum. Teachers noted the ability to convey a sense of space in the works and the air enveloping the depicted objects.

Graduated from VZFEI with a degree in organizational management. At the same time she studied watercolor painting independently and with teachers.

She studied with Russian and foreign masters of watercolor painting. The workshops of Anna Ivanova (Russia), Konstantin Sterkhov (Russia), Eudes Correia (Portugal), Dylan Scott Pierce (USA) have had a significant impact.

In the works of these artists I am impressed by the combination of softness, freshness of watercolor technique and strong emotional component, which I pay special attention to in my painting.

Among many mediums, I chose watercolor, the most daring and at the same time delicate technique, for its compactness and mobility, the possibility of taking it with me on a trip, as well as for its fascinating glow and willful nature. In the artist's need to be accurate from the first fill and in each line without further revisions - the power and truth of watercolor work. Water and the watercolor that dissolves in it become the artist's co-authors, the result is difficult to predict, so each new white sheet is like an invitation to a journey with only partially known ending, you can only trust your brush, your eye and the element of water.

The events of 2020 have sharply demonstrated the importance of reflecting the bright sides of reality and multiplying them through art. In the contrast of light and darkness, light always breaks through and dispels the darkness, leads the way, even if it does not dominate.

The most important source of inspiration for me is the emotions of traveling in the wild, untamed nature, vivid memories and new experiences that I want to keep fresh, faithfully conveying the mood and state of mind. I am convinced that inspiration lives in water, and it can be easily caught while painting directly from a water jar for brushes or during a walk along the coast of a river or sea.

Some works are painted on plein air, others are based on the author's sketches and photos.

For example, a series of works with the nature of Kamchatka was created after a trip to the Nalychev Valley, meetings with bears in the wilderness and walks to volcanoes and bubbling fumaroles in unearthly, as if Martian landscapes.

"Kamchatka-style oatmeal with raisins" - a painting written especially for the high-profile all-Russian watercolor exhibition "Memories of Spring" (Moscow)

Paintings with flowers and summer forest sketches are painted in her grandmother's garden and on plein airs in the forest, the very place where she spent her childhood.

And mountain landscapes were the result of another passion - hiking in the mountains of the Caucasus.

In an effort to attract the attention of the mass audience interest in watercolor on a par with oil painting, I hold author's master classes on watercolor technique, and in 2016 I began exhibition activities.

Group exhibitions:

  • All-Russian exhibition of watercolor "Memories of Spring", Moscow, 2020
  • International exhibition "Watercolor Perspective", St. Petersburg, 2018
  • International Watercolor Festival "Fabriano", Fabriano, Italy. Fabriano (Italy), 2018
  • Interregional exhibition "Waltz of Flowers", Yoshkar-Ola, 2017

Solo exhibitions:

  • "Coffee Images", August-September 2016, Kirov
  • "Tastes and Views", January-March 2017, Kirov.

Since 2019 I started cooperation with the brand of professional art brushes "Roubloff" as an expert and became the author of specialized watercolor series of brushes "Roubloff Aqua", which are successfully sold all over the world.


  • "Watercolor Planet" magazine (2020)
  • "Stationery" magazine (2020)

Working on commission and for exhibitions I thoroughly researched the topic of preservation of watercolor painting. In my work I use professional art paints and acid-free cotton paper, created according to the most stringent requirements for quality and lightfastness with a guarantee against fading over time (more than 100 years if properly stored).

The works are in private collections in the USA, Germany, Ecuador, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

The works are in private collections in the USA, Germany, Ecuador, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.