Drawing a dance

The points of contact between fine art and ballet have become multipoints of meaning.


"In the paintings of Sergei Rudin, there is such a sky that one gets dizzy! And so much air that you begin to breathe deeper!

The paintings shone from the walls of the Palace, echoed each other, created a special space. Inside which the choreography was perceived acutely and symbolically.

The Donetsk girl with an iron rose - and the blockade kindergarteners who saw Messerschmitts.

The farewell of the Slavic girl of the XXI century - and the eternal motif of parting.

A demobilized knight at the crossroads - and the fierce Joaquin who has lost the meaning of life.

Frosted birches in frost - and cold beauties of the Snow Queen.

But still there will be spring! The earth will play all shades of green and pink - And children will twirl in a waltz.

There is a stable professional expression - a dance pattern. It can be simple and confusing, interesting and complex. Lines, variations, poses should encapsulate the idea and develop the plot. But this time the term became a metaphor.

Each number of "Ballet Oksana Batueva " in the beautiful frame of the Star Hall of the Palace of Youth Creativity was perceived as a finished artistic canvas.

How good it is that thanks to the photos by Anastasia Metlyakova one can stare at these "living pictures" for a long time!"

Author: cultural critic, host of the exhibition opening, honored journalist of the Udmurt Republic Elena Obidina.