Exhibition "About Everything in the World" in MBOU "School No. 11" in Izhevsk

Exhibition of paintings in the educational space of the school


It presents works by famous artists of Udmurtia: Georgy Khomich, Irina Khomich, Tatiana Mikhailova, Vasily Mustaev, Alexander Lozhkin, Alexander Kokorin, Maxim Khokhryakov, Vladimir Abakumov, Vyacheslav Bakaev, Valery Morozov. Natalya Matveeva Matveeva, director of Izhevsk's SOSH No. 11, shared her impressions and what tasks the school is solving thanks to the joint project with our museum-gallery "La bohème artistique."

"School No. 11 is implementing the project "Multicultural Education of Students in a Real-Virtual Space." Multicultural education is education built on the ideas of preparing the younger generation for life in a multinational and multicultural environment. The aim of such education is to develop the ability to communicate and cooperate with people of different nationalities, races and religions, and to develop an understanding of the uniqueness of other cultures.

The priority tasks are:

- to educate children to be friendly to each other, to people of other nationalities;

- to give knowledge about the cultures of the peoples of the world;

- to teach children to be successful, happy, to be able to show themselves and to hear other people.

We are glad that we had the opportunity to host the exhibition "About Everything in the World". We are grateful to Ivan Anatolyevich Morozov, who is a member of the parent community of our school, for such an initiative.

Utilizing the opportunities of the open exhibition is a big plus in our work in general and in the framework of multicultural education in particular. The exhibition of paintings is actively used in teaching activities. Initially it was an overview tour for all classes. Then we began to work in a targeted manner. The children get acquainted with the paintings at the lessons of fine arts, technology and in extracurricular activities.For example, the exhibition presents illustrations of a calendar with heroes of different nationalities. We familiarize ourselves with it as part of the subject "Basics of Spiritual and Moral Culture of the Peoples of Russia". Pupils continued to draw the same format of illustrations in the languages of other nations.For March 8, they combined landscapes, poetry - the holiday of spring turned out bright and impressive.

The children are inspired by the works of artists: on Cosmonautics Day they made a photo zone next to the portrait of Yuri Gagarin, and the technique with natural materials embodied in the exhibition "Gifts of Autumn".Parents, teachers, colleagues from other schools of the city and the republic, guests of our school pay attention and highly appreciate the very idea of organizing an open exhibition.

With the example of artists' works we can show young people that people can become famous for their talent, creativity, and not only scandals. Bringing art to the masses, sharing our love for our homeland is in line with our values and objectives.

Now there is a concept of "educational space", we believe that the exhibition is part of our educational space. It is something that teaches children and prepares them for life.Different works are presented in all the diversity of cultures, views of the world, which develops artistic perception. We see the love of artists for their region, their homeland, the world in which they live. Such an environment helps us to bring up patriots. I recommend such exhibitions in other schools. The curator of the museum Rustam Faritovich Bulatov is open for cooperation.

Our children have an idea to continue the exhibition, to show their creations - to make an exhibition of young artists "Museum-vernissage". The desire of the children to openly share their world with others as well as the artists of paintings is for us the result of the exhibition and multicultural education."

We thank Natalia Grigorievna for her wisdom and creativity, the ability to appreciate and apply new opportunities for the benefit of children!

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