It's simple here: the animalistic genre - is the depiction of animals.


It started with rock paintings of bison, bison, horses and mammoths. Then, most likely, it was done in order to attract good luck in hunting.

During the Middle Ages, images of animals acquire more religious, symbolic connotation.

Renaissance artists begin to paint animals from life, and in the 16th century, the animalistic genre becomes independent.

Sentimentalist artists actively turn to the depiction of rural life, nature and animals, of course, more domestic.

These are the main milestones in the development of the animalistic genre. Of course, artists have always turned to animals and continue to do so today.

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Below you can see the brothers of our lesser from the works that are in our gallery.

Below are:

"Summer" from the series "Mountain Baigurez" -Khokhryakov Maxim Sergeyevich
"Foal" - Orlov Sergey Anatolievich
"Malina" - Khokhryakov Maxim Sergeyevich
"Yan" - Rudin Sergey Nikolaevich
"Dance" - Khokhryakov Maxim Sergeyevich
"Fox" - Kokorin Alexander Dmitrievich
"Yin" -  Rudin Sergey Nikolaevich
"3" -  Rudin Sergey Nikolaevich

On the cover: "Boars" - Khokhryakov Maxim Sergeyevich

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