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The first private gallery in Izhevsk, La bohème artistique, invites you on a journey of discovery, on an expedition to find the best works by artists of the Republic of Udmurtia and the city of Izhevsk.


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La bohème artistique is not just an art gallery that has gathered dozens of professional artists under its roof. It is also a place where everyone who is not alien to the sense of beauty, who wants to decorate their home, office or apartment, workplace with paintings by famous masters of the brush will be welcome. The first private gallery in Izhevsk La bohème artistique invites you on a journey of discovery, on an expedition for the best works of artists of the Republic of Udmurtia and the city of Izhevsk.

The painstaking selection of the best young masters of the brush, thoughtful unhurried work with recognized masters, whose paintings decorated (and decorate) the galleries of major cities in Russia and Europe.... The meticulous compilation of the catalog, in which each canvas, each landscape, portrait and still life would be in its place ... And all this for the sake of ... So that everyone can not only visit the gallery and see live paintings, but also decorate the interior, buying a canvas created by the master.

La bohème artistique helps you choose a good painting.

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Taste and interest in touching the beauty captured on canvas - and keeping it in your home or workplace. The staff at La bohème artistique will help you choose a painting for the living room or bedroom, a vivid landscape for the nursery or a "full bowl" still life for the kitchen, an Art Nouveau watercolor for a trendy office or Marinist subjects for a bar or restaurant.

Pictures for kitchen, pictures for bedroom, pictures for office

The choice for visitors of La bohème artistique gallery - both the one located at 61 Krasnogeroyskaya St. (Izhevsk) and the virtual one - is unlimited. Not only young artists cooperate with the gallery - those whose names have not yet adorned the reports on exhibitions and awards, but also masters for whom canvas and brushes are the main tools in telling people about the beauty of the world around them. The artists with whom La bohème artistique gallery works and befriends are free to choose a theme and style. That is why those who come to us to choose peaceful paintings for their bedroom or original paintings for a gift, landscapes and portraits, never leave disappointed.

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Whether you have decided to buy a painting in Izhevsk or are planning to take a risk and order it online from the other side of the country, La bohème artistique gallery is here to help you. We are here to make the interior of your home or office a little better - with the help of masterfully painted paintings, creations of famous artists, who were united by the gallery in Izhevsk.

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