A wonderful program was formed at the opening of the exhibition

Each work is about children, about the Motherland, about fostering love for the Motherland.


Elena Obidina, a cultural critic, the host of the exhibition opening, honored journalist of the Udmurt Republic, shared her impressions about the exhibition:

"On December 9, at the invitation of Rustam Bulatov, the "Oksana Batueva Ballet" performed with great pleasure at the opening of Sergei Rudin's exhibition "Sky of the Slavs" in the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity.It was a full-fledged performance, the connecting link of which was the amazing paintings of the artist Sergei Rudin. Living paintings, filled with music and dance! 

Rising from his knees.
This painting by Sergei Rudin immediately attracted the attention of Oksana Batueva. Because as a professional classical ballerina she appreciates, first of all, the beauty and meaning of movement.
The most beautiful movement of a person is a step forward. Even if that step is towards death.

Yes, it is difficult. Judging or commenting from the outside is easier. One cannot choose anything in haste, for company or thoughtlessly. One must always choose with the heart. Movement begins in the heart and only then passes into a step of the foot and a swing of the hand.

If you feel your body and keep your balance - you are not afraid!
Movement can be drawn even when it has not yet begun, but it is conceived!

Congratulations to the Museum-Gallery "La bohème artistique" with the opening of a new exhibition space!"