LAB Museum and Gallery launched exit interviews and exhibition reviews

We started with school No. 80, talked to the director Ivan Nikolayevich Kulemin


The program of meetings is designed to get feedback from the heads of institutions and urban spaces, aimed at getting acquainted with the exhibitions and the tasks they help the institution to solve.

The information will be published on the official website of the museum in the "Exhibitions" section and in social networks.
Thus, anyone will be able to virtually visit all 24 exhibitions of the museum, be inspired, see new opportunities.

Ivan Nikolaevich Kulemin, the director of school No. 80, with whom we started a great marathon of interviews, shared his opinion:

"A very wonderful idea - an exhibition of paintings at school. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to go out to art, and here art has come to us. It is problematic to take the children anywhere. And when everything is located in the school and at any moment you can study, look, see up close, get feedback, information - it is great.

Therefore, I support and recommend other educational organizations to join the project, to exchange works, so that as many people as possible: children, parents and in general all participants of the educational process knew our history, our authors and admired the paintings."

The director conducted a tour. The organization of the school space performs the functions of expanding the outlook of students: additional knowledge is given, the school chronicle is kept, master classes and activities are organized.

The purpose of our museum-gallery: to support enthusiastic teachers, to make fine arts an integral part of students' life.

The next step of cooperation is to develop new skills of schoolchildren together:
  • to get acquainted with the artists of Udmurtia,
  • to conduct excursions,
  • to create and defend creative projects,
  • to speak in public,
  • to write essays, essays, essays on the subject of art, life and work of artists,
  • to make descriptions of paintings,
  • to publish in social networks in an organized way.
Thank you Ivan Nikolaevich for your cooperation, feedback and warm welcome. Success in educational and educational work, development of all the ideas voiced, and we will always support!