Saturday night with the Shaposhnikov family.

Valentina Konstantinovna Shaposhnikova and invited her to visit for a family dinner


Saturday evening with the Shaposhnikov family.A week ago, La boh?me artistique project manager Maria Medveditskova and young artist Alexander Egorov traveled to the village of Stary Chultem to visit the large Shaposhnikov family. The guys were limited in time, so they did not manage to sit and get acquainted with the members of this wonderful, friendly family.... And, literally, the next day, Valentina Konstantinovna Shaposhnikova invited them to a family dinner. Masha and Sasha took their presents with them and went to visit. Maria Medveditskova: During the whole week friends and acquaintances kept bringing children's things and books to our gallery. After collecting gifts for the family, we went to the village of Stary Chultem. A warm welcome with pies and shashaliki awaited us. This time almost the whole family was gathered at a big table. This family has its own world full of kindness, coziness, sincerity. There are such people after communication with whom the soul becomes brighter. Indeed, the more love they give to others, the more it becomes in their hearts. For sure, it was not easy for them all these years and now they face many difficulties, but kindness and love are not measured by money. I would like to say thank you to people who make our world better and give love and kindness to children. Oleg Sannikov: I was touched to the core by Masha's story about this family. And my daughter Ulyana (11 years old) and I decided to send gifts from us: a panel "Mushroom Rain" and a polyptych "Fishing in Capri".