"Space Without Borders."

On the eve of Cosmonautics Day in the shopping center "Moi Port" there was a grand opening of the exhibition "Space Without Borders", organized by Rustam Bulatov and the Museum-Gallery "La bohème artistique".


Interstellar space in colors

On the eve of Cosmonautics Day, the exhibition "Space without Borders" organized by Rustam Bulatov and the Museum-Gallery "La bohème artistique" was inaugurated in the shopping center "Moi Port". The exposition presents works of artists from Tatarstan and many cities of Udmurtia - about fifty authors in total, 35 of which are children aged from five years old. Bright colors of paintings, unusual shapes and figures create an atmosphere of mystery, magic and the mystery of the cosmos. The technique of execution is diverse and sometimes unusual: at the exhibition you can see landscapes of Baikonur painted with oil (by Alexander Kokorin) and a portrait of Gagarin made of old computer boards and CDs (by Radik Ibrashev). Some of the paintings were created by the wards of the rehabilitation center "Adeli", participants of the regional public movement in support of people with Down syndrome "Sunny World" and students of Karakulinsky school for students with disabilities. Young authors from Karakulino were also present at the grand opening of the exhibition. Making a welcoming speech to the participants and spectators, Vladimir Solovyov, Minister of Culture of the Udmurt Republic, said: "Today Angara launched from the Vostochny Cosmodrome, and we opened the Space Without Borders exhibition... Happy upcoming Cosmonautics Day, dear friends!" The project was realized with the support of the administration of the shopping center "Moi Port", the Board of Trustees of the Museum-Gallery "La bohème artistique", the Ministry of Culture of the Udmurt Republic and the company "Decograd". Today there are nine exhibition sites in the shopping center "Moi Port", the gallery "La bohème artistique" has collected and exhibits paintings by 82 artists. Each visitor can find here the works, consonant with his imagination and taste; everyone is guaranteed a wealth of impressions.

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