Opening of the exhibition "Sky of the Slavs" 9.12.2022

We opened the exhibition with some atypical scale for us


The exhibition "Sky of Slavs" by Sergey Rudin was opened in the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity with some atypical scope for us.

The creative team headed by the director of the Palace Natalia Golovkova made an incredible and unforgettable holiday. Elena Obidina, a cultural critic, the host of the exhibition opening, honored journalist of the UR found an amazing idea of synergy between fine and performing arts. Ballet master Oksana Batueva brought this idea to life with young artists in the program "Wait for me". Thank you all very much!

Museum-gallery "La bohème artistique" congratulates with the next exhibition space, the Board of Trustees: Rustam Bulatov, Alexander Churakov, Anton Yashin, Pavel Uzenyov, Mikhail Podobedov, Fedor Gindya, Yuri Gmyzov and Anna Podobedova - good luck, growth and prosperity.

Per aspera ad astra, only forward and only all together!

Author: Anton Yashin