Feedback from project participants

Anton Alexandrovia Yashin, museum trustee and one of the founders, shares his history and future plans


So, today 11.11.2022, on a date perfectly suited for making self-fulfilling wishes, is the 11th anniversary of our La bohème artistique museum-gallery. I congratulate all colleagues from the Board of Trustees, all those involved and sympathizers, all those who have helped us all these years.

During this time, starting as a small commercial enterprise, the museum has covered Izhevsk and Udmurtia, Bashkiria, reached Temryuk, visited Sofia, Yambol and Burgas. Today the museum is a close-knit team of the Board of Trustees, loyal friends and wide public support. Having gone far beyond the banal business, the museum supports 25 permanent exhibitions, realizes social projects and is engaged in the development of culture of the Udmurt Republic.

And it is all the more pleasant that the support of creative projects is not ignored in Udmurtia: today I and my colleagues from the Board of Trustees have received letters of thanks from the Ministry of Culture of the Udmurt Republic, which Vladimir Mikhailovich Solovyov handed over personally.

I wish us health, success, prosperity and achievement of new heights in the development of culture of our native land. I thank Vladimir Mikhailovich for his attention and promise to continue and not to stop!

Next in line for success is