"The Sky of the Slavs" for young pilots

The exhibition of the museum-gallery "Sky of the Slavs" not only decorated the new interior of the military-patriotic center, but brought many meanings to the atmosphere of the educational space.


School of young pilots - a legendary place of Izhevsk. Izhevsk. In Soviet times the military-patriotic center was an example in everything.
Now the traditions are preserved and developed!

In the institution for patriotism education of the younger generation a lot of knowledge is given, field trips, military-applied competitions are organized, children's and parents' events are held, and also here they teach young people to a healthy way of life, help them to find their way.

On September 3 "School of Young Pilots" opened its doors again after major repairs.
The exhibition of the museum-gallery "Sky of Slavs" not only decorated the new interior, brought a lot of meanings to the atmosphere of the school.

Director Olga Vyacheslavovna Shakhova told about it:
"When we talked about the filling, we did not know what pictures would be included in "Sky of Slavs".
There are really a lot of semantic loads.

These are landscapes - the sky as a phenomenon of nature.
These are portraits - the sky, which demonstrates the thoughts, deeds of man.
These are plot paintings - the philosophy of life choices.
The sky is like peace and like war. Everything is here.

We have an unspeakable pleasure having such an exhibition.
The painting "Summer Weather" is especially impressed in our soul. It is the embodiment of our activity.

"The Sky of Slavs" is an actual and multifaceted exhibition.
Thanks to the paintings, we can immerse children in the world of meanings, instill love for the Motherland and include consciousness, distract them from gadgets.⠀
We give excursions to children and in between classes teachers communicate with children by discussing paintings and exchanging opinions."

A new project has been agreed with the head of the school to expand the use of the wonderful exhibition.

Special thanks to Olga Vyacheslavovna for preserving the traditions of military-patriotic education and service to the Fatherland!