Still life!

A genre in the visual arts that we want to tell you a little bit about.

The still life is a depiction of inanimate objects: it can be everyday objects, food, hunter's prey, flowers and more.


Still life -  the image of inanimate objects: it can be household items, products, hunter's prey, flowers and much more. Accordingly, there are many types of still life.

As an independent genre, it did not stand out immediately, initially images of tables with viands and other objects were included in other genres. But such images were in Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.

In the 17th century, thanks to the popularity among Dutch and Flemish artists, this genre becomes independent.
In this period, in the Baroque era, still life is most interesting for its symbolism. (links to information about it are attached below)

After all, the subjects for still life were not selected randomly, each of them is a symbol, a sign, and the totality of these subjects-signs gave the viewer a certain message from the author: the thought of the transience of time, the sinfulness of existence or it could be a story about the owner of the still life.

By the way, for a long time still life was referred to "low" genres, it was not considered important and necessary, and the emergence of such symbolism contributed to the opposition to this mouth.

It is interesting that most often flower still life of that time could be created during the year and even more, as the plants depicted on it do not bloom at the same time.

Well now still life is one of the best ways to decorate the interior of your home, bring a little coziness to it and add new colors)

Our gallery can be proud of the collection of still lifes, and today you will see some of the works of our artists!

And here is what you can read about the symbolism of still life
Enjoy getting knowledge!)

Works presented:

1. "Antiques" Vereshchagin Genrikh Georgievich

2. "Autumn still life" Khomich Georgiy Alekseevich

3. "Morning coolness" Severyanova Galina Yurievna (Galina Solnechnaya)

4. "Summer berries" Vereshchagin Henry Georgievich

5. "Still Life" Arzamatov Vyacheslav Mikhailovich

6. "Still Life" Kokorin Alexander Dmitrievich

On the cover: "Morning Mood" Severyanova Galina Yurievna (Galina Solnechnaya)