Our children are always with us

In early September, the Open Garden hosted a street event featuring new paintings by Udmurtian artists, master classes, lectures on art and a fashion show.


In early September, an event was held in the Open Garden in Izhevsk. Our museum-gallery LAB took an active part in it. We created a creative artistic space for communication and leisure of the citizens.

60 new paintings by artists of Udmurtia decorated the territory of the site, Mikhail Podobedov prepared for them baguettes and made frames in the shortest possible time.
The guests could see how the master works - the artist Sergey Rudin painted a landscape.
Museum Trustee Pavel Uzenyov and his company "Flowers18" held free master classes, where those who wished could collect compositions for themselves under the careful guidance of florists.

One of the highlights of the event was a fashion show by an aspiring fashion designer Anastasia Hips, daughter of our Trustee Ivan Morozov. Read about how we managed to support the creative path of the young star in the article.

Anastasia is 14. She is fond of dancing and karate. Her parents first gave her to ballroom dancing, but Nastya grew up and chose modern trends - Lady Dance and Hip-Hop. 
  "When I dance, I disconnect from the world, train my body and express my emotions" - the girl told us. Nastya also wanted to express herself freely in fashion.
Creativity in clothes started with an unnecessary white T-shirt and construction red paint. Daddy Ivan Morozov put on the girl's work of art and proudly wears it, and friends wonder where he bought it.
Nastya's parents support her in everything, go to all reporting events. 
The girl was inspired by the support and continued to come up with fashionable images. T-shirts, pants, bright threads for knitting were used. So in six months the girl's closet had several things in the same style.

Maybe the game of fashion would have ended there, but the girl's parents are listening, watching their children, and there are four of them in the family, looking for ways of development and socialization. They decided that it was time to start "working for the audience". They asked Rustam Faritovich Bulatov, curator of the LAB museum-gallery. He inspired to create a personal page in VKontakte and suggested to organize a fashion show.

The young fashion designer had to find models in a short period of time, organize a performance, prepare a welcoming speech. When there are clear instructions, the work is done: quickly gathered a team of friends, learned elements of Hip-Hop, and Nastia's older sister Ekaterina taught to walk the runway. She herself performed, opened the performance.

The show was 2 days, the first time it was scary and not everything was taken into account, the next day the deficiencies were amicably eliminated.
A special moment was the exit of Nastya's family - dad, mom, sister and herself in her creative clothes. It showed to all the audience that now there are no limits and restrictions in creativity, age, fashion, and family is our main support and value.
The participants - models also liked the performance, they thanked after the show and in social networks for the bright impressions, wished success.

Nastya left a feedback: "I am very glad that the show took place! I thank LAB gallery for support! Rustam Faritovich, thank you for mentoring me. You are very good, your projects give young people cultural development, knowledge and emotions that can't be found anywhere else."

This is how a teenager's game turns into social activity. This is the joy of creativity, love, victory. Here was not a passive game, but the space of great creative imagination, project activity. The child composed, thought out, organized friends, brought his project to its logical conclusion, saw the value of himself, the contribution of parents and adults. This is how the best things are brought up and passed on to children. We thank all the children who participated in the fashion show for a bright debut!

LAB Museum-Gallery is always happy to open new opportunities and new names.