The new project of the folk museum-gallery "La bohéme artistique" - an exhibition of works by contemporary Izhevsk artist Sergey Khokhryakov "Muzhi"!


Memory is what unites us, what connects yesterday with today, the past with the present. That is why it is so important to know and remember our history.

Today we are happy to present you our new project - an exhibition of Sergei Khokhryakov's works "Muzhi" at the Stroitel Cultural Center. This exhibition is designed to remind us of those people who have entered the history of our Motherland, whose deeds and feats could change it. And although the opinion of historians about them is constantly changing, we should not forget their faces. Perhaps it is thanks to them that we are what we are today.

The exposition will show portraits of these great "men": Alexander Nevsky, the victorious defender of the Novgorod land, Yuri Gagarin, the planet-famous cosmonaut, Mikhail Kutuzov, the calculating and wise commander, Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the world's first socialist state, and other people who can be considered real heroes.

The exhibition has an educational character, so under each portrait we have placed for you a small summary about the depicted person. Enjoy your knowledge!

In addition, the exhibition will be in constant development: we plan to constantly replenish the exposition, because we have many heroes.