Modular paintings, posters, photo wallpapers

Introducing the new services of our printing salon.


It is not a secret that the baguette workshop "Pictures, Frames, Mirrors", operating in our art gallery, has the best equipment for high quality printing in Izhevsk. Our machines have a resolution from 360 to 7200 dpi and print on canvas, watercolor paper, high density glossy and matte photo paper. We use only original accessories and consumables from the best manufacturers.

Our printing salon has been working in Izhevsk for a year already, and now we offer you:

  • Modular paintings
  • Posters
  • Photowallpapers

Modular paintings

These are paintings divided into segments and united by one theme, technique and idea. In manufacturing, a modular painting is divided into several parts, the number of which can be quite different. Also, each picture can be decorated with a separate frame or baguette. You can buy a modular painting in Izhevsk by contacting our gallery (come or call +7 (3412) 32-09-21).

Posters to order

Our equipment allows us to print images of A3+ size on bright white cardboard of very high density (Enhanced Matte Posterboard), printing on this material allows you to refuse mounting paper on a dense base. Also, we are ready to print A1+ (60x90 cm) posters on any media from the range of our printing salon. You can place an order for poster printing or find out more details by phone +7 (3412) 32-09-21.

Photowallpapers in Izhevsk

And lastly - our unique offer. We offer you to buy photo wallpaper - wallpaper with photo images, copies of famous works, murals, paintings. Photo wallpaper allows you to use a lot of opportunities when creating interior design, and thanks to our printing salon, buy photo wallpaper is very easy - our machines allow you to print images of the highest quality, print every millimeter in detail, and special materials allow you to keep the brightness of the color gamut throughout the life of the wallpaper.

We can help you pick up images for photo wallpaper from our catalog or create unique works made to your preferences by our artists. You can order photo wallpapers by phone +7 (3412) 32-09-21 or in person, in our gallery at 61 Krasnogeroyskaya St., Izhevsk.