Workshop Vereshchagin GG.

We managed to look into the place where art is born!

This is the attic-workshop of one of the most successful artists of our country - Vereshchagin Henrikh Georgievich. And now we will tell you a little about this place and the upcoming exhibition.


Vereshchagin G. G. - painter, member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, professor of UdSU, honored worker of arts.

The works of Henry Georgievich were exhibited in many cities of the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Hungary. Many of his works remained in Ukraine after graduation, some of them are in the Udmurt Museum of Fine Arts.

Vereshchagin's studio is home to some of his best works (or rather, they are no longer in storage, as they have now been received by the LAB and will soon be presented in a new exhibition!) Here the artist has been creating, giving himself fully to his work, for most of his life. This attic was offered to Genrikh Georgievich when he still lived on the other side of the USSR - in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Back then, the state often gave rooms to members of the Union of Artists. In the next room is now the studio of the rather famous (both within Russia and abroad) designers Mukhins. They are Henry Georgievich's daughter and son-in-law.

The bulk of all Vereshchagin's works are portraits, particularly those of servicemen. The artist described how he was once sent to various cities in the Soviet Union to paint portraits of sailors, pilots and tankers. "Military theme," notes Vereshchagin, "has always been my addiction!" The exhibition "Born in the USSR" will be based on these works.

We will invite you to the vernissage in a couple of months, but in the meantime we invite you to admire this inspiring and incredibly cozy art space!