The artist Rudin and his landscapes

We get acquainted with the work of the leading artist of the museum-gallery "LAB"


Artist Rudin and his landscapes

Rudin Sergey Nikolaevich is a native Izhevsk resident. All his life he was fond of art.
After school he entered UdGU on art-graphic faculty, he had wonderful teachers: Semenov P. S., Postnikov B. A., Lubarets V. P.

Having received education, Sergey Nikolaevich again went to school, only now already in the role of a teacher of Fine Arts. He took part in the competition of young teachers and won.

A little later he began to design interiors, was fond of sculpture.

"Well, painting - in free time from worries and work. He gave his works to friends and acquaintances", - informs the artist. His paintings can be found in Minsk, in Moscow, in Portugal and, of course, in our museum.

Now he devotes all his free time to creativity.
The works of Sergei Rudin are always interesting to look at, they are full of meaning and make you stop and think.
There is a lot of air, color, light so and penetrates the viewer through. And familiar places of Izhevsk and Udmurtia on the canvas give nostalgia and quiet joy...

The author believes that nature tells us how to act in current situations:
"Nature is calm, clear, does not rush and does not hide.
The river flows and how many stones do not throw there, dirty lumps, the river does not care.
The tree bends in the wind, and yet stands. It is important for a person to be convinced - not to run away from problems and not to pretend that nothing is happening. To notice beauty and life around and to act according to the situation, remaining a citizen and a man".

Sergey Nikolayevich was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Culture of the Udmurt Republic for his contribution to the development of art of the Udmurt Republic.
Congratulations! We wish you inspiration, new exhibitions, grateful spectators.