The history of Sarapul immortalized in "black gold" is presented at the Dacha Bashenin

In Sarapul opened an exhibition of graphics by Alexander Kokorin "City in New Colors", the works are made with oil.


Alexander Kokorin's graphic exhibition "The City in New Colors" opened in Sarapul. The exhibition will run until the end of February at the Dacha Bashenin art and exhibition complex.

Izhevsk resident Alexander Kokorin, an honored art worker of Udmurtia and a member of the Russian Union of Artists, used a new medium - oil - to create his paintings.

The "Old Sarapul" series is based on photographs of the pre-revolutionary city from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Voznesensky cathedral, women's gymnasium, Sarapul streets and wharves immortalized in "black gold" look like revived pictures and attract the eye with noble tones.