Historical optimism

In Soviet art domestic genre acquired new features, due to the formation and development of socialist society.


In Soviet art, the genre of everyday life acquired new features due to the formation and development of socialist society - historical optimism, the assertion of selfless free labor and a new life based on the unity of social and personal principles. This unity determines the fundamental closeness of the domestic and historical genres, which are often intertwined with each other. Domestic genre played an important role in the formation of Soviet art, multifaceted reflecting the construction of socialism and communism, the formation of the spiritual world of Soviet people.

Alexander Alexandrovich Deineka - Soviet painter, graphic artist, sculptor and teacher. Academician of the Academy of Arts of the USSR. People's Artist of the USSR. Hero of Socialist Labor. Winner of the Lenin Prize. Member of the CPSU since 1960. Born: May 20, 1899, Kursk, Russia. Died: June 12, 1969, Moscow, Russia. Education: VKhUTEMAS. Books: Aleksandr Deineka 1899-1969.