"Art at arm's length."

04.05.2020. We have opened a new exhibition space! This is a joint project of "La bohéme artistique" and beauty salon "YOU" in the very center of Izhevsk!


Today we invite you to the exhibition of works by artists of Udmurtia "Art at arm's length"!

The exhibition includes a variety of works: Alexander Sergeyevich Orlov's enigmatic painting, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Arzamatov's heartwarming portrait, Maxim Pipe's bright and sparkling Peter, Alexander Dmitrievich Kokorin's enchanting graphics, beautiful landscapes of Udmurtia by Stolyarov Vyacheslav Anatolievich, matchless floral still lifes by Tishina Julia, fascinating story on canvas by Perminov Maxim, mosaics by Bulatov family and even an antique painting by an unknown author. And that's not all... So the scope of the exhibition is truly great!

The main goal of this project is to familiarize the public with those who create art in our republic, which is why information about each author is placed next to the works of art.

"We are engaged in such an educational, itinerant activity," says Rustam Bulatov. The exhibits inside the art space will change in about a month or two so that they never lose their relevance. So we won't make you bored!

We look forward to seeing you at 223 Kommunarov St., Izhevsk