The exhibition "Art without Conjecture"

The gallery "La bohème artistique" presents the exhibition of Udmurtian artists "Art without Conjecture" (November 14, 2014 - February 15, 2015).


"La bohème artistique" gallery presents the exhibition of Udmurtian artists "Art without Conjecture".

The exhibition, curated by Rustam Bulatov and Elena Novikova, will feature works by Alexander Kokorin, Fedor Matantsev, Alena Sobina, Oleg Sannikov and Alexander Egorov. Created in different time periods, they reflect the trajectory of contemporary art over four decades.

"Art without Conjecture" is an exhibition whose main idea is to give artists the opportunity to express themselves. The airport space itself suggests eclecticism: a mix of cultures, languages, styles. The exhibition features five completely different and unique artists, each of whom tells a story in their own language. In this space there are no limits, no prohibitions, but there is a strong thread that connects all the works - these are the eternal themes that the artists address in their work.