Heroes never die, Heroes live on in our memory!

Yesterday, the restored bust of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, restored by our board of trustees of the museum-gallery "La bohème artistique", was unveiled in the Linguistic Lyceum № 25 in Izhevsk.


Yesterday in Linguistic Lyceum № 25 in Izhevsk the restored bust of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, restored by our board of trustees of the museum-gallery "La bohème artistique", was unveiled.

September 13 is the birthday of the legendary Komsomol girl.

Zoya Anatolievna Kosmodemyanskaya is the first female Hero of the Soviet Union. 18 years old scout-saboteur in 1941, behind enemy lines, together with her comrades organized the arson of three houses in which German soldiers were sleeping, going to the front, and also destroying their transport and horses. During the second arson attempt Kosmodemyanskaya was arrested.
She was tortured, interrogated. The girl was exhausted, barely kept on her feet and yet she proudly and bravely met her death. Before the execution Kosmodemyanskaya made a legendary speech, urging the villagers to fight the Nazis and not to be afraid of death in this fight.

February 16, 1942 Zoya Anatolievna Kosmodemyanskaya was awarded the high rank of Hero of the Soviet Union.
The whole country learned about the girl from the newspapers. Her feat inspired young soldiers at the front and young pioneers in the rear.

School № 25 of Izhevsk did not stand aside from military problems. When the war broke out, the students rolled up their farm in 24 hours and provided classrooms for the sorting hospital.
In the first days the Timurov movement was launched under the leadership of Fira Bas, who came from German-occupied Kiev.

Timurovtsy took care of the organization of everyday life of the families of soldiers who went to the front: they prepared firewood for the winter, looked after young children, helped with household chores.
The pioneers became indispensable helpers in the hospital. They were on duty near the sick, washed floors, windows, mended and washed linen, sawed firewood, staged plays and concerts.
The pioneers rendered great help to pharmacies. They collected medicinal herbs, dried and gave them.

For the great timurov work and help to the families of the front-line soldiers, in 1943 the pioneer squad of school № 25 was named after Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya.
To bear the name of the Hero of the Soviet Union to the pioneer squad is a high honor and a well-deserved award.

The Linguistic Lyceum № 25 honors and remembers the history of its pioneers - a museum is organized, the history of the 25th pioneer squad is covered in detail on modern stands.

Our task was to help the enthusiasts of their work, the teaching staff of the Lyceum, to continue to educate and preserve the history for the young generation.
We thank the head teacher Natalia Gennadyevna and lyceum director Elena Gennadyevna for their cooperation and well-coordinated work.

Our trustees Rustam Bulatov, Mikhail Podobedov, Ildar Shartdinov, Pavel Uzenyov, Renata Bulatova and Zhanna Bulatova, Ivan Morozov, Anna Podobedova, Alexander Churakov, Andrey Gasnikov, Yuri Gmyzov and Fedor Gyndya - congratulations on the result!

The name and life feat of the hero reveal to you his way of serving the Motherland and humanity.