Birthday of the museum-gallery "La bohème artistique"

The museum was opened on November 11, 2011 on the initiative of Rustam Faritovich Bulatov, Alexander Nikolayevich Churakov, Anton Alexandrovich Yashin.


The staff of the museum is distinguished by tireless creative search.
From the first days of its existence the museum has taken on educational, cultural and educational functions and implements charitable projects (in social institutions).

Today the museum collection has more than 3 thousand exhibits - paintings, ceramics, sculptures of authors of Udmurtia and Kirov region.
For 11 years of activity the museum has held about 150 exhibitions and events.
November 2022 the museum has 26 exhibition spaces, including: in educational institutions. There is also 1 traveling exhibition in Temryuk, Krasnodar region.

For the support of creative projects and in connection with the 11th anniversary of the founding of the museum staff was awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Udmurt Republic.

At the celebration the Minister of Culture of the UR Vladimir Mikhailovich Soloviev said important words: "I want to thank you for your work.
The projects of the museum-gallery are interesting and useful. In culture it is rarely possible to make profit, to be honest, it is not possible for anyone.
Your mission is to inspire the society, people buy pictures and admire them. You support the artists of Udmurtia, promote their creativity.
Thank you for being able to be friends and create together".

Congratulations to the members of the Board of Trustees:
Rustam Faritovich Bulatov,
Zhanna Viktorovna Bulatova, Renata Bulatova, Alexander Nikolayevich Churakov, Anton Alexandrovich Yashin, Ivan Anatolievich Morozov, Mikhail Sergeevich Podobedov, Anna Vitalievna Podobedova,
Yuri Vyacheslavovich Gmyzov, Fedor Vyacheslavovich Gyndyu, Pavel Sergeyevich Uzenyov and Sergey Nikolayevich Rudin, Natalia Olegovna Medvedtseva, Maria Yuryevna Astashova Happy Holidays!

We wish you good health, further creative success and prosperity!